Ok class listen up. Herein lies some important things for you Newbs to know. The following are some definitions that are inherently connected with Redeemer Arena. Now all the terms on this page aren't necessarily "official". Most of it is just jargon used by the folks who play this mutator. Some of it will be off the cuff just for the sake of defining an aspect of the game that doesn't necessarily have a definiton. Anyway you'll at least understand what the hell someone is talking about when you hear terms like "Loop of Poop" and "Telefrag".


Loop of Poop: I may as well introduce you to this term first. Chances are you'll experience this the first time your in the arena with some of the regulars. The loop is just this. Spawn, die. Spawn, die. Spawn, die. Etc...Etc...Etc. This usually occurs more frequently on the smaller maps like Fractal, Morbias & Pyramid. Most of us regulars get quite a kick in seeing Newbs get pasted on these boards and then attempt to vote for the larger maps to avoid the loop.

Spawn Killing: This term is directly related to the "loop" so we may I may as well explain this one next. This type of fragging (I'm assuming you know what fragging is but if you don't, it's when you smite your enemy) takes place when a player lobs their missiles into an area that is a designated spawning area. Spawn killing usually only works on small to medium size maps. Spawn killing is the quickest means to ending a map.

Hide-N-Guide: Pretty simple really. Find a good hiding spot, use your alternate firing button (Usually right clicking) and guide your missile. Hide-N-Guide can be used on any size map. It's an effective way to spawn kill on the small ones and best way to stay out of harms way and seek out your opponent on the larger ones. Example Almost all of us Hide-N-Guide at one time or another. Below are a few of the most common hiding places to look for. This by no means the only hiding spots. There are numerous others to look for including overhangs, hallways, closets, alcoves, hidden rooms and any other little knook & cranny you get fit your back side into. There are two good rules to remember when looking for a good place to hide. (1.) If it's difficult to manuever a missile out of, then it's almost equally as difficult to get one in on you. (2.) Someone else will probably want that same spot.


The Spread: This is definitely not one to use on the smaller maps. Unless your looking just to break the record for number of deaths in a match. The idea here is to spread your missiles over as large an area as possible and thereby increasing your chance of hitting somebody somewhere. At the same time this decreases your chances of getting wacked by incoming missiles yourself due to all the flack your creating in the process. Example

Dueling: Dueling takes place when to adversaries know each others whereabouts and continuously try to reach the other with guided munitions. If your goal is to win the match then don't get stuck in thsi rut. You slowly fade further and further back in the standings. Take the hit or vacate your hiding spot. Of course there is a great sense satisfaction if you are actually successful in nailing the other guy without him reaching you. Usually the result is you both eat it. Example

Pattern or Rhythm Spread: This is pretty much a spawn killing technique using a normal firing method as opposed to the alternate (guiding) firing method. For instance firing from left to right over and over again in a pattern giving very little chance for your opponents to get a shot in. Example

Tele-fragging: This is a good way to eliminate someone close to you with out turning yourself into paste. This one takes some real skill though. Fire your translocator at your opponent. When it reaches him/her alternate click. Splat! Your still here and he/she's gone. This is good to do when you spawn next to someone guiding and don't have the time to run somewhere safe before launching one. Example

Run-N-Gun: They can't kill what they can't catch right? Unfortunately the missiles are a tad faster. Many folks employ this method though so it must work. This one is geared towards the medium size maps and to some extent the larger ones although you'll be doing more runnin' then gunnin' on those. I don't suggest using this on Pyramid.

Block: Basically detonating a missile in order to stop one bearing down on you. Bouncing one off a wall or box as you duck around a corner is a very effective way of saving your ass. Example


Below you'll find a some tips that may or may not help you in the arena. All the following information has been approved by the Redeemer Insanity Board of Directors and is suitable for Newbs and Regulars alike.


First things first: if you have graduated in ability enough to run-n-gun, you should consider removing the big gun from your HUD and use a small crosshair instead. Having a huge deemer in your view blocks a lot of your potential target area.

The run-n-gun strategy does NOT always work. When choosing your strategy, ask these important questions about players and maps:

i) How many people are playing, and what strategies are they using?
ii) What manouvers does this particular map allow?

If there are only 3 people playing on a huge map that favors hiders, and you run out and start spreading, you are sending out huge signal flares and making yourself a target.

If there is a full house with a lot of heavy triggers playing (e.g., KB, Vette, Death, Deadman, N6, etc.), sometimes it pays to hide out by a high-spawn-zone and hook like crazy.

Often, a combination of hook and spread is your best bet, especially in a full house on a medium size map. Find a corner, a high place, an edge, and shoot one or two, and then hook a missile. The hook also becomes a defensive move, as it disables incoming redeemers. Obviously you will want that hook to do double-duty, where the defensive blast is also close to a nearby spawnpoint.

Example: In Deck16 on the top deck, you can spread 3 missiles to each corner, and a 4th down to hit the spawnpoint below. If it is a fullhouse, you can be sure missiles will be coming your way -- you may have to cut down on the number you spread in order to more quickly deploy your defensive blast.

If the map is very small or there is a fullhouse, you may find yourself in the loop of poop. Do not fire as soon as you spawn! You will suicide and subtract from your frag score. Patiently wait for the poop to end, and then at your first opportunity run for cover! Also make sure to enjoy the loop -- it may be the funniest, most hilarious aspect of our game! The screaming and yelling of your death, the chunks flying, the explosion shaking your computer speakers, the sound of some of your buddies shouting "Got it" or "I'm under heavy attack" over and over to let you know they are also in the loop -- these things should make you crumple over in laughter not anger!

Every map will usually have a sweetspot or two. This is a blast-area that contains several spawnpoints and maybe a hidingspot nearby. During fullhouse play, it is crucial to keep the regulars out of these spots and to exploit them yourself.
(Example, the loft in Deck16 during a 10+person-game is above 3 spawnpoints near the elevator. Deadman, N6, and Jarg all know I like to head up there and will fire missiles periodically into the loft.)
But don't just run directly for your favorite spot. Remember to start your rampage from wherever you spawn! If you just start running for your place during a crowded game, chances are you will blown to bits before making it.
It helps to know each map well, but it isn't absolutely necessary. You can figure out sweetspots on the fly, as you yourself spawn and notice other nearby spawnpoints.

Clean the wax outta your ears.

Another important aspect of the game is sound. Yeah we all love the explosions and the sound of gewy chunks hitting the walls but that's not what I'm referring to. There are 3 sounds you need to be concerned with. The better the sound system you have the better off you'll be. Surround sound is a huge bonus. At least to me it seems important. Mostly sound is important during hide-n-guide and not so much in the other styles although it stills comes into play just not as significant in my estimation.

1. Footsteps. If you here this sound while guiding detonate your deemer and move as quickly as possible while switching to your locator. Good chance it's a regular looking to telefrag you. If it is a regular chances are you'll be dead half a second after you here him anyway but you should never give up. Sometimes we miss.

2. Translocator. If you here the tell tale sound of this little baby going off during guiding your probably dead. In any case youll want to once again detonate and run like hell while spinning around to find your would be fragger. At this time it's also a good idea to switch to your locator because anything else would be overkill.

3. The Spawn. The sound of the spawn is unmistakable and if you here it during guiding then once again it's a good idea to detonate and maybe get a kill that you hadn't expected. Many times someone will spawn just as you've passed over a spawn point that up until a moment ago was empty. listening for the spawn is also key when you are near multiple spawn points and want to get the biggest bang for you buck while also keeping wouldbe fraggers at bay.

KNOW THE MAPS! Both run and gunners and hide and guiders must know where they are at all times, ESPECIALLY when they spawn. To me, this is one of the most important aspects of the game. Unfortunately, the nature of redeemers means that it is HARD to explore maps, unless everyone is the exploring mood. This leads to the next point.

Use every weapon available: If the server supports translocators, use them. Redeemers are of no practical use in close range combat. Use the tranny. Also, this can be a great way to pass time on the big maps, as a translocator dual is full of action and strategy. (Kudos to Darkmatter and Ntrecker) Of course, you can use it to reach those hard to reach places. Use them to explore maps so that you know where your opponent can hide. This is especially impressive when you end the game in a cool place. (Nods to Mahatma)

In a heavy fight, it's important to know when to fire, but it's more important to know when NOT to fire. Don't fire as soon as you spawn, take a breath first... assuming you live that long. And pay attention to those almost-transparent 'pressure waves' from other blasts. If you launch into one of those, your 'deemer will almost certainly blow up in your face and this is not a good thing.

Also, if you're overtaking an opponent with your redeemer, don't just blast them... wait until the redeemer is at a point where you will take out that opponent, plus have a good chance of getting someone else with the splash damage. For instance, you might overfly someone running down a corridor so you could detonate just ahead of them, at an intersection with another corridor... good chance you'll pick up a double-kill or more.

translocate yourself way high up, into some niche or onto the roof, and then rain destruction down upon the heads of the unknowing.

If you have the jump boots, don't necessarily be in a hurry to use up the jumps. If you're up high someplace and need to escape an incoming spread, you can drop down a signifigant way to a safer place with little or no damage.

Even if you don't have boots on, you can still drop down to a floor far beneath you if you can break your fall by landing on a sloping surface. You often take no damage by hitting a sloping surface even from high up, and then can safely slide down the slope and fall the rest of the way to the floor. This trick varies from map to map, as you occaisionally die from the fall upon hitting the slope in certain maps, but it's saved my hide a number of times. (The slope must be of the kind that you would slide down upon hitting for the no-damage trick to work.)

You CAN move while guiding the missile if properly used, not only is that a defensive move, it may also get you in position for a long spree..

While guiding keep an eye out for where missiles are coming from. You can frag somebody when they can't see you.