Final Salute to SRA


Arauro Borealis


Bengali going out in a blaze of Glory


At the Scene of the crime


Roman Candles anyone?


Duck & Cover


One last embrace my love




Doin' the frag dance


And the lord did grin


Ice Ice Baby


I'm on fire! (think David Lee Roth)


That's gotta hurt


It's alive


Tonight you sleep with the Necris. You might wanna step back kid!


Mah retaining water


Nali Love


and for my next trick.....


Nothing like dancing in the buff on your opponents dead carcass


No honor amongst fraggers. Hey put the wallet back.


This is how Nali's say hello


How ladies fly


Mortis showing that size does matter


Aaaahh the spoils of war


I want you to squeal like a Nali boy


Letting off a little steam


Temper temper now Max.


I think someone is in need of some therapy


Kid gets a time-out