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PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 1:49 pm 

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Recently in the '' newsgroup:<br><br>From: ivan (<br>Subject: super white light blub <br><br>super white light blub, for most of the car $50<br>___<br><br>From: Brian Duffy (<br>Subject: Re: super white light blub <br><br> How white can a blub be? I mean, white is white. My white blubs are white, but I guess they're not SUPER white blubs. Also, my blubs aren't for most of the car, just the parts that need blubs. Blubs Blubs Blubs Blubs...<br>___<br><br>From: David Lo (<br>Subject: Re: super white light blub <br><br>You *could* get whiter than WHITE... if you use tricks such as fluorescence, or if you go into blue lights, they look somewhat whiter than white.<br><br>David<br>____<br><br>From: Matthew J Zukowski (<br>Subject: Re: super white light blub <br><br>I'm rather worried about bulbs for most of the car. I have this mental image of a car with x-mass tree lights mostly over the car, except for the windows so to not obscure the drivers view, and being super-white bulbs would be a driving hazard at night.<br>___<br><br>From: Brian (<br>Subject: Re: super white light blub <br><br>How "white" light is is measured in degrees kelvin. The higher the temperature, the whiter or bluer the light. An average 60W bulbis around 3000K. Whereas, natural sunlight is approximately 5400K. I'm not certain on the specific numbers, but thats the general gist of it.<br><br>I seem to remember getting some superwhite headlamps for $48 incl. tax for a friend not long ago, new. Some people like the look. The standard headlights are supposed to be better, as the eye supposedly recognizes the "less-white" to be better.<br>____<br><br>From: Dave Martindale (<br>Subject: Re: super white light blub<br><br>There is a range of colour called "white". For incandescent light bulbs, the hotter the filament the more blue the white, so halogen lamps are a bluer white than non-halogen. 20 years ago, halogen headlights looked particularly "white" in comparison with the yellowish white of standard headlamps. But all but the oldest cars have halogen lamps today, so halogen now just looks normal white and the old cars look yellow.<br><br>Meanwhile, some expensive cars have started using arc lamps in their headlights, which are distinctly more blue than halogen lamps. They're also very bright. Suddenly, blue headlights means "expensive", so some manufacturers have started selling halogen lamps (which fit standard car headlight fixtures) with blue filtration. That's likely what this guy is selling. Buy his bulbs for $50, and you can have headlights<br>that are bluer than the standard bulbs that cost $5 or so. What a deal.<br><br>And you may convince some onlookers that you have a really expensive car, because the headlights are blue - provided the onlookers can't otherwise tell the difference between a BMW and a Honda Civic.<br><br> Dave<br>____<br><br>From: Brian Duffy (<br>Subject: Re: super white light blub<br><br>Hey guys, I realize all of this. I just like saying the word "blub". You see, I believe what he meant to say was "bulb". However, _twice_ in the post, he uses the new version, "blub". Now, perhaps these "blubs" are the new wave of flourescant lighting, or perhaps they're just a fad. Noone can be sure in these topsy turvy times. I like to think that B, L, U, & B are just the initials for "Barely Lights Up Books", meaning that you can't even read by these lights.<br><br>_____ <p></p><i></i>

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