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Check Out Our UT99 {CLD} Server - NEW !!!
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Author:  Hook [ Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Check Out Our UT99 {CLD} Server - NEW !!!

Check Out Our UT99 {CLD} Server - NEW !!!

NaliWeapons 3, NW3 or NWIII is now on {CLD} (The Latest Final Release Version!)
(We have had NW2, and then the 1st release of NW3 on {CLD} for years)
But Now...
The FINAL Version of NW3 that was just released by Feralidragon is On {CLD}!
This was added to {CLD} on March 4 2014 - it works and runs Great!
MapVote Column 2 - Both DM and CTF have the NEW NW3 (Nali Weapopns 3) in this column!
For you Redeemer Fans - Make sure to fire the NW3 Nukes!

{CLD} = CROSSBONES Lucifurs Den *UP* Owner - Lucifur/Hook/mars007
* Great Maps and Absolute FUN!!! *
* Our UT99 Multi-GameType Server - with NW3 / Nali Weapons 3
* NEW "Custom CLD" Monster Hunt by mars007 with HTD maps * The Best!
* NEW Sniper Section and Zark V6 too!
* This Server Just About HAS it ALL! - and with NW3 / Nali Weapons 3 !!!
* IP: or Quick-Launch -> unreal://
* Server Location: Chicago, IL USA for an Excellent Ping around the world!

NOTE: {CLD} is the "sister" server to our {CMM} server - so you Know it is Good!
{CLD} is Expertly administrated by Mars007 himself! - The "Monster Hunt Guru!"

ALSO: See THE list of "Good UT99 Servers - UT99 Server Listings!"
HERE: ->
(YOUR Server not there? - Don't be Square - Go and POST it There!)

and also... (needs some updating)...
HERE: ->

ENJOY! :salute: :cheers:

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